About Me

My Beliefs

I have some strong beliefs. One is that every woman is beautiful and deserves to be noticed when she chooses. That's what my jewelry does!


 They are designs that will get you noticed.

 My second belief is that my clients and I want to wear jewelry that is uniquely our own, something we don't see on everyone. Something handmade with love and exceptional craftsmanship, with attention to detail.

 And lastly, I believe that when wearing beautiful jewelry it shouldn't weigh you down. Jewelry that looks substantially heavy but only weighs close to an ounce, is the great part of my designs.


During a successful career as a hairstylist, I had a life changing catastrophic event happen in my already, never-a-dull-moment kind of life. A german shepherd decided to rearrange some features on my face without my permission. After that event  I was pulled in many creative directions. I had a mosaic business, Bella Mosaico, for a few years.

I still enjoy photography, knitting, and other jewelry making techniques. But then it felt as if beading came naturally to me, after working with my hands for so many years. Once  I picked up a seed bead, I was obsessed with beading and the passion continues.


Each tiny bead is sewn together in a meditative and determined way... I've been told I must have a serious amount of patience, and I do! I love sewing them together to create a piece of awesome jewelry that is impressive and intricate all from tiny glass seed beads. I use the top quality Japanese seed beads made by Toho and Miyuki. Also Czech glass beads along with Swarovski crystals and these are all sewn together using either top of the line K.O. Japanese beading thread or Fireline wire.


My designs are handcrafted for any occasion, but especially suited for weddings and special events. Take a look at my catalog and if that sparks an idea you would like custom made, please contact me to discuss those options.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!


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