New Days, New Designs, Italian Inspired Posted on 1 Aug 14:26

It's been a month since I've been home from Italy, and  I'm inspired to create new designs and collections. After such a wonderful vacation , getting back into the swing of things has been harder than I thought. Life in Italy has a fantastic flow that sparks my creativity... So I'm sharing some more shots of my trip and reliving the magic...



Vernazza Cinque Terre was such a quaint and beautiful little town!



The look from above on our hike to Corniglia







Our very sweet B&B with steps and more steps!



The incredibly long tunnel to Riomaggiore and the fabulous mosaic wall!

More to come! Check out my new designs!

Italian Vacation was a Success! Posted on 2 Jul 11:34

So, I have been home for 4 days and Italy is still swirling around in my blood.

So in this post I will share with you some of the most beautiful and interesting moments in Venice


A traffic jam in the canal...

And then it was time to say Arrivederci to Venezia!

Stay tuned for more pics from Bella Italia, 

and take a look at what designs I have to offer!


Vacation Begins! Posted on 13 Jun 09:53

Just a note to let you know I will be out of the country for the next 15 days. If you would like to place an order you may but it will be at 2 weeks and a little more before I can ship. 


Thanks everyone!

Italian Vacation Posted on 8 Jun 14:54

Only 5 days left before our fabulous trip to Italia! We all know nothing compares to the food, but there is nothing quite like the fashion and beauty seen everywhere in Italy. This is not the first trip for me, but it is for my husband so it will be fun seeing it again through his eyes.

We will be flying into Milan and driving to Venice with a stop in Vicenza, hoping to pick up some ideas for jewelry, then onto the beautiful canals of Venice...

Two days there and then onto Cinque Terre for two days , with a stop in the Ferrari Museum. Somewhere my husband has always wanted to visit. Then Vernazza...

On our way to Florence, a must stop in Pisa and Lucca



Then onto Florence and some of the most beautiful works of art in the world including Michelangelo’s David.


Then off to my first lake experience in Italy, On a large hill in Passignano Sul Trasimeno overlooking Lago Trasimeno...



On our way to Rome we are going by way of Assisi, one of the most peaceful places I have ever been in my life!




Then onto the last stop but for me the most exciting, Rome! Five days should be enough to see the beauty we will remember for a lifetime. We have scheduled a private tour of Vatican city and we are so looking forward to that. Our apartment is right off the Campo de Fiori so no driving and the wine will be flowing...




 I will be gone from June 13th until June 28th.

La Dolce Vita!!

Beads and More Beads Posted on 23 May 17:19

It seems I can never have enough beads. It's as if nothing can quench my thirst for more new and colorful tiny glass beads. 

You never know when you will need thousands of bronze and gold beads...

 After speaking with a friend of mine, who is a fabulous professional fashion photographer, I need to have a Bridal Collection ready for our photo shoot in late June. It will be golder than I thought. But from what I hear, gold is making a comeback. Fortunately, I will be leaving for Italy on the 13th of June for 2 weeks of heaven  and hope to get a fresh idea of jewelry designs coming our way.Vincenza is our 1st stop and it is the jewelry hot spot in Italy. Inspiration and more...





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